A luxury cruise on Lake Rotoiti, Rotorua

Ever wanted to board a 50+ foot luxury catamaran and sail around Rotorua’s third largest lake?

Well, now you can, thanks to Pure Cruise in Rotorua.

Half the staff from my office, including me, were lucky enough to get a chance to experience sailing on the luxury 53 foot catamaran 'Tiua' that cruises Lake Rotoiti.

The owners Matt and Tina are fantastic hosts, very hospitable and accommodating. On welcoming us aboard they gave us a tour of the boat, including the four bedrooms, and explained her history.

Once under way Matt gave us all the chance to steer the massive vessel, which was really cool. Look out Dean Barker! During the trip we all took part in hoisting, grinding and trimming the sails during our tack and jives.

On the homeward (upwind) leg I got my chance to captain the boat. The wind was a little shifty and I got a quick lesson from Matt on how best to fill the sails with wind.

Did you know that there are little tassels on the inside and outside of the sails that, depending on how they are waving in the wind, inform the skipper/captain how the wind is travelling around the sail?

This indicates whether they’re getting the most out of the available wind. Matt told me that’s all the America’s Cup teams use to tell how well they are sailing into the wind.

Needless to say, I was a natural, grinding and trimming the sails like a pro and the only one from our office capable of achieving 9 knots during the upwind leg. Pretty chuffed for my first outing on a sail boat.

It was a fantastic experience and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I had a great time and it’s something I’d really like to do again, maybe with a bunch of friends and all our families for a sunset cruise.

It certainly beats working in an office behind a computer screen for four hours, that’s for sure!

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