Rare takahe seen every day at Pukaha Mount Bruce

Every day at Pukaha Mount Bruce we feed our two takahe, Bud and Natural, at 10.30am. Join us to hear their special story.

Pukaha Mount Bruce, SH2 north of Masterton, is home to Bud and Natural. These two male takahe are retired from breeding 'service'  and are enjoying their twilight years at Pukaha Mount Bruce.  

With only 260 takahe left in the world, these are special animals.

Every day at Pukaha Mount Bruce we feed them at 10.30am and talk about how Takahe have a very special place at Pukaha Mount Bruce thanks to pioneering work by Elwyn Welch in the area of conservation.

Visit and learn how his methods, and passion for conservation, made such a difference to keeping takahe from extinction.

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