Restaurants in Auckland that are open through the week

Auckland's food culture is immense. Being a supreme tourist destination the restaurants in city constantly come up with ideas to make a place in the hearts

Auckland's food culture is immense. Restaurants in the city are constantly coming up with ideas to cement their place in the hearts (tummies?) of diners.

There's a little glitch though. Following the conventions, many of Auckland's best restaurants are closed on Sunday and Monday. Sunday and Monday? But fret not, following are some of the places where you can dine out on any day of the week...

Eight - The Langham Hotel

No, the number in the name of the place is not random. The 'eight' refers to eight different kitchens inside the restaurant. So you can choose from eight different cuisines for a buffet which are American, Asian, Indian, Seafood, assortment of Sushi and Sashami, salad bar, patisseries, desserts! Still sounds simple? There's also a dedicated section for Italian food like spaghetti, risotto(spinach and banana prawn), tempura tofu and duck tagliolini.


Prego has achieved somewhat of a 'classic' status among restaurants in Auckland. An Italian cuisines centered restaurant, it has been serving for nearly 27 years. It's that kind of place where you can fill your belly up by ordering desserts right away. Mainly because if you happen to taste their Tiramisu, it would take more than one serving to contemplate its heavenly taste. Another dish to leave you addicted is the seared tuna served with crispy capers and veal.


How can you not like a place which is not only open every day but goes on until 3 in the night? It is the city's favourite place for a night out. And your idea of a night out maybe just drinking to the core and going berserk, Pocha would take care of your involuntary food cravings too with delicious Korean food. Items like Dak Bal which is extremely spicy chicken feet or Ggom jang Er which is spicy pan-fried hagfish go well with Korean cocktails.

Botswana Butchery

Botswana Butchery is one of the most amazing premium dining restaurants in Auckland with a serene view of the Harbour. They prefer to add 'fun' to their branding to reveal that the atmosphere is more like that of a relaxed diner rather than being too formal. Primarily a steakhouse, some of their best dishes are fat juicy steak, Savannah fillet steak sandwich, dill and beetroot cured salmon. It is an amazing idea to finish off your meal by indulging in the sinful sweetness of 'The Garden of Passion.'

Gengis Khan

This Mongolian chain of restaurants has garnered quite a following in Auckland as they've already spread to six places over the city. Their highlight is the Mongolian buffet for a reasonable $24.90 and a special meal course for kids. The starters include soups, dumplings, garlic bread and a varied salad. For the main course you have choice among categories of rice and noodles, meat, seafood and vegetables. You can also flavour your meal according to your taste by choosing from their variety of sauces and oil.

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