Sunset Kayaking at Ohiwa Harbour

Ohiwa Harbour is a natural inlet sheltered from the wilder waters of the Pacific by the Ohope spit. Ohiwa is an enchanting Harbour with six main islands.

Living on the Harbour's edge, I've grown to love all of the Harbour's many moods. Most of all though I ve grown to love the variety of sunsets that bless this sheltered piece of water. The changes of the seasons and the different angles of light provide quite stunning vistas and the winter sunset can be as rewarding as mid summers.

Being out on the water provides that special perspective and unique intimacy with all that is best about mother nature. The Harbour is home to a huge range of birds and has a resident population of rays that are often encountered on our guided tours. Long and Short tailed sting rays and Eagle Rays are at home in the warmer waters of Ohiwa as well as a myriad of fish species, plus occasional visits from Orca and Whales.