The Dynamics of Adrenaline – Getting Pumped in Queenstown

Travel Writer, Sarah Bond, recalls her adrenaline inducing Bungy experiences.

I’ve watched a YouTube clip of AJ Hackett, looking very ‘Eighties’ in a black polo shirt and Raybans, explaining how the art of bungy jumping is “all inside your head.” Having spent time in Queenstown, and jumped off the Kawarau Bridge Bungy, The Ledge and The Nevis, I can confirm this theory.

The cords used for bungy jumping are made of industrial latex. You could literally swing a mini-van off one of them. And, it’s reassuring to know that AJ Hackett Bungy was the first bungy operation in the world to be awarded the ‘S’ mark for safety and quality assurance.

Yes, it’s safe and the real challenge is reconciling the low ‘actual risk’, versus the high ‘perceived risk’. The not so subtle human emotion of fear is controlled by the amygdala, or lizard brain. It evolved early on in our human development and allows us to either fight our enemies, or take flight out of harm’s way.

With each jump, I went from being extremely nervous to totally exhilarated in a heartbeat, and that’s the magic of bungy, a complete mood change in seconds. By taking my head out of its comfort zone and hurling myself of a platform, I was rewarded with a massive adrenaline pump.

So, if you want to create your own mind war, try jumping off the Kawarau Bridge, hurling yourself off The Ledge or diving 134 metres into the Nevis Canyon. Get pumped legally with AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown!

Article by Sarah Bond, Travel Writer

"AJ Hackett Bungy has just gotta be in your Queenstown Top 10!"

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