The Road Less Travelled.. Starting at Auckland!

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt? Think again! New Zealand’s North Island still has some surprises up its sleeve. For something a little different

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Cool thing 1 – Sample New Zealand beer. What? Yes, you heard us, the local brews are definitely worth a dedicated afternoon, and Hallertau, just out of Auckland, offers an impressive few drops. Drive sensibly afterward people.

Cool thing 2 – Enjoy live NZ Rugby. Eden Park is the country’s largest stadium, and with a game on any given weekend, you’ll feel like a local in no time.

Cool thing 3 – Surf. In New Zealand? Yup. Raglan, less than two hours drive from Auckland, is famous for its surf school and big breaks.

Cool thing 4 – Get familiar with New Zealand’s warrior spirit during a Ngapuhi Cultural Waka (canoe) tour on the Waitangi River. National Geographic totally rates this tour.

Cool thing 5 – Napier – this amazing art deco town feels like you’ve walked into the set of the Great Gatsby.

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