Top 10 fun facts about visiting Huka Falls

Find out all about the spellbinding Huka Falls in the Central North Island.

1. The Huka Falls are rated as one of the most visited attractions in New Zealand – and for good reason. Thundering turquoise rapids plunge through a narrow rocky canyon, creating a breathtaking scenic display.

2. The Falls are located just north of Taupo (about 5-10 minutes’ drive), making them a perfect stopping point on your way into town – or a great day trip if you’re already there.

3. Water flows over the falls at a rate of 220,000 litres per second. At this rate it would take just 11 seconds to fill an entire Olympic sized swimming pool!

4. At the top of Huka falls a series of small waterfalls drop around 8 metres, before the main event: an 11-metre drop that's sure to impress.

5. The big squeeze: The Waikato River is about 100 metres wide then pours into a narrow canyon 15 metres across. That's what creates the pressure that makes Huka Falls such a spectacular display.

6. The flow of the falls is now regulated by control gates to provide hydroelectric power – a truly awe-inspiring example of how nature's raw power can be harnessed to provide clean green energy.

7. Jet boat and cruise boat tours to the base of the falls provide an even closer look. You can experience a Hukafalls Jet tour on a day tour from Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo or Rotorua.

8. You can enjoy the view of Huka Falls from walking tracks and viewing platforms along the river. There's even a swing bridge that was originally built during Maori land wars in 1800s if you're feeling brave!

9. If you’re after a little luxury with your view, nearby Huka Lodge is one of the world’s top boutique hotels. You might even spot a celebrity enjoying its comforts!

10. There’s another unique attraction just along the river – the Huka Prawn Park is a great place for families with a whole host of activities on offer, from prawn fishing to geothermal foot baths and golf challenges.


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