Walking with Llamas - Clent Hills Station

This is one of Mid Canterbury's 'Must Do' Activities.

Lunch will never taste better than on a high country station. We all did a half day tour and loved every minute of it. The Llama's carry everything and you lead your own one.

They are such lovely gentle animals, pretty soon all the stresses of the 'real world' simply melts away. I know that sounds a bit ‘twee’ but it is the truth never-the-less.

My 6 year old daughter led her own llama, a pure white male called Gandalf. She hopped, skipped and yapped away to him and he just wandered along beside her looking very wise.

He stopped when she stopped and walked when she walked. As a mother it was just wonderful to see her and Gandalf having such a great time together. Never at any time did I ever feel apprehensive about her safety.

The scenery around Lake Heron and up towards the Cameron Glacier is …….well I am not sure there are enough adjectives to describe it…….you must see it for yourselves.

It is also possible to stay at the Clent Hills Station homestead - this would top your time of nicely.

If you want to know more about pricing and the different tour options available at Clent Hills Station please do not hesitate to contact us at the Methven i-SITE.