Wellington Car Rental

Experience the WOW factor Wellington offers in a rental car.

Wonderful Wellington in a Car Rental

It really doesn't matter how you get to Wellington, (although a rental car would be my obvious choice). What matters is how you will get around Wellington once you arrive. Being the capital of New Zealand, Wellington maintains a high level when it comes to Entertainment and Things to Do.

Driving through Wellington is similar to driving through other capital cities of the world. High rises either side of the road with little alley ways going off the main streets. Parking is also similar to other major cities with some street parking available and parking lots spread throughout the area. In most instances you will have to pay to park your rental car in the CBD and the rates will change depending on where you intend to park.

In one weekend you could go to watch the mighty Hurricanes play, Wellington's Super 12 Rugby team, then whisk yourself away to wine and dine in one of the world class restaurants available to you. The next day you could head to the National Museum and Art Gallery or maybe hit the shops for the day. With so much to do in Wellington, a rental car will give you the piece of mind that you can go where you want to go without having to wait for public transport or taxis.

If you intend to stay in the CBD for the duration of your Wellington get away, then you may think that a car rental will not be required. This may seem logical, however, you will find that there is a toursit hot spot outside of the CBD that you may just want to visit.

Don't let the windy weather or cold snaps put you off exploring all that Wellington has to offer. Because it is located on the Southern Coast of the North Island of New Zealand, Wellington has picturesque scenery with natural beauty surrouding the inner city area. You will want to get out and about in your own car hire to enjoy and explore.

VroomVroomVroom can help you book a car rental in Wellington. Whether you want to do a day trip, have a rental car for a week, or plan to start a New Zealand self-drive holiday from Wellington, you can rest assured that VroomVroomVroom can help book a suitable vehicle.

Don't miss a thing in Wellington. Book a car rental today and enjoy the convenience, comfort and flexibility of having your own car. You may also choose to collect a vehicle from the Wellington Airport if this is more convenient.