What's your ultimate day in Queenstown?

Queenstown is a magical place where no day need ever be the same.

Check out our short ‘ultimate day in Queenstown’ story below to see just how many decisions you’ll have when you wake up in a place where anything is possible.

A new day.
We wake up and it’s a brand-new day. Just outside our hotel window the mountains soar and the lake ripples softly. There’s something in the air, a different light, a unique unharnessed energy… Today’s a day when anything feels possible.

A great start.
First on the cards is breakfast. Do we want to watch the Queenstown streets come to life, sitting outside a quaint café with a cup of freshly ground coffee eating flaky pain au chocolat still warm from the oven? Or do we want to stay at the hotel and dig in to a hearty hot-buffet breakfast with bacon, eggs and the works? It’s the perfect start for our action-packed day.

Do I take the leap?
The sun is shining and we’ve dressed for the beautiful weather. We’re both keen to get started with our first adventure of the day. My other half is going paragliding, it’s always been on his bucket list and I’m going along to watch. Part of me kind of wants to do it too, maybe. I get out there and the excitement is contagious, everyone’s really friendly and I’m feeling braver all of a sudden. Will I take the leap as well?

By water, land or horse?
We’ve heard how beautiful the scenery is up in Glenorchy from friends who have visited before so we’re heading there this afternoon. The real question is how do we want to see it? On a 4WD tour with an entertaining guide breathing life into the best locations from the Lord of the Rings, or from horseback splashing across braided rivers and trotting through fields of blooming lupines, back-dropped by rugged mountains. Or maybe we’ll join a kayaking trip paddling across the crystal clear waters of Lake Wakatipu to visit secluded island beaches.

Finding the perfect memento.
The trip to Glenorchy was amazing and luckily there is just enough time to fit in a spot of shopping before dinner. I’m looking for a uniquely Kiwi souvenir to remind me of our trip. I’m torn between a hand-carved greenstone pendant in a soft and translucent green and shaped into a koru, and a silky merino top, made from the finest New Zealand merino wool, so soft that it slips through my fingers.
Hey, I’m on holiday! I think I’ll get both.

The last supper… or is it?
It’s time for a relaxing wind-down to the ultimate day. Will we treat ourselves to a gourmet steak cooked to perfection in one of Queenstown’s five-star restaurants and paired with a glass of award-winning Central Otago Pinot Noir? Or maybe we’ll get fresh fish and chips and a six-pack of NZ craft beer then head down to the lakefront to join the other small groups of people relaxing on the beach. As we eat the sun sets behind the mountains and we watch the sky fade into beautiful shades of pink, orange and purple. Then darkness falls and the night is young… onto the bars.

It’s been the most perfect day I could imagine… until tomorrow.

The Queenstown region has over 150 restaurants, cafes and bars, more than 220 activities and attractions as well as accommodation options to suit all budgets - what’s your ultimate day in Queenstown look like? Visit www.queenstownNZ.co.nz to start planning your Queenstown summer adventure.