You Dropped in to Dinner from Where?

Pumping, jumping, blasting or sweetly sipping, we'll keep your heart beating here in the Bay of Islands.

We are not promising we'll keep you pumped all day every day. But we do know we can put together adrenalin-adventure packages that you’ll never forget. Because this is the Bay of Islands, New Zealand’s biggest and most beautiful water playground, and so we’ve got the best games, too.

To take an extreme example, how about being helicoptered to a floating heliport and then touring the islands on powerful jet skis, including blasting through the famous Hole in the Rock, say two or three times?

Then return to Paihia by boat, helicopter, or jet ski before a 200km/hr freefall from 12,000 feet to a beach, landing a few metres from  the resort. Would that fill your day and your ambitions?

Let’s break that down for those who like to spread their pleasures over several days. Escorted or individual jet-skiing has great appeal here, especially because there are so many islands, beaches and settlements like Russell, once the most notorious port in the country but now just, well, packed with gentle heritage pleasure.

Helicopters don’t just pick up and collect; they’ll take you touring too, seeing much more of the bay or of beautiful Northland. Fixed-wing expeditions can even take you to the northern tip of New Zealand and for a drive on 90- mile beach. All kinds of sailing are available or you can parasail over the lot of them.

Whether diving, fishing, swimming or hurtling about under power, you’re likely to encounter dolphins – slow down if you do, please.

Your first sky-diving will have to be in tandem but you can train here to go solo. That’ll give a new meaning to ‘I’ll be dropping in for dinner.’

On a more serious note, there is fascinating culture at Waitangi, the site where New Zealand became British and which resonates with heritage for all New Zealanders. Here you’ll experience authentic Maori art, craft and spiritual belief in great depth.

Past guests have come back raving after their experiences of interacting with the locals on the Waitangi River as part of the crew on a waka, a magnificent many-handed, painted and carved canoe.

Oh yes, and if you find a spare moment, wines from local vineyards are truly astonishing and perfect, of course with the local fish and the stunning produce you’ll find in markets. Who said shopping, drinking and cooking couldn’t be adventurous too?

Pumping, jumping or sweetly sipping, we’ll keep your heart beating. That’s a promise.


Together with professional partner companies here at Paihia Beach Resort we’ll help design as much jet-ski, power-boating, parasailing, sky-diving and heli-exploring as you can manage. Plus we can give advice on the best swimming, sailing, chartering or big game fishing. Kauri Cliffs offers top-end golf and Waitangi offers your chance to paddle a really big canoe. And we know about the vineyards...