Humans are not the only one posing in fantastic locations. Check out these photogenic animals that can only be found in New Zealand.

Kea, Treble Cone, Wānaka

A Cheeky Kea showing off its plumage in Wanaka. The playful kea is one of the most intelligent birds in the world and will happily attack a car in order to steal a windscreen wiper or two. Kea are found in the South Island of New Zealand in alpine areas. Photo by @captured_pixels(opens in new window) on Instagram.

Christchurch - Canterbury
New Zealand Fur Seal, Christchurch - Canterbury

One happy seal taking a break on the rocks in Kaikoura. New Zealand fur seals can be found in the North Island at Cape Palliser, near Wellington and at Castlepoint on the Wairarapa coast. Seals are more common in the South Island with popular spots including Cape Foulwind on the West Coast, Kaikoura and the Catlins coastline. Photo by @veselo_celjade(opens in new window) on Instagram. 

Yellow-Eyed Penguin, Moeraki, Waitaki

See this native penguin upclose and personal near the boulders in Moraki. The hōiho, or yellow-eyed penguin, is thought to be one of the world's rarest penguin species. Photo by @meandyouforeveryoung(opens in new window) on Instagram. 

Chatham Islands
Chatham Island Albatross, Chatham Islands

One serious looking Chatham Island Albatross, this rare fellow is endemic to the Chatham Islands. With large webbed feet it is a sight to see these rare birds run on water as they take off. Photo by @in_reverie_(opens in new window) on Instagram.

Short-beaked common dolphin, Auckland

An action shot of this common dolphin showing off in the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland. Along with common dolphins, New Zealand is the only country in the world to be home to Hector's dolphins. These small dolphins are found predominantly in the South Island. Photo by @libby_muir(opens in new window) on Instagram. 

Buff Weka, Wānaka

You wont be able to see one of these flightless birds on the New Zealand mainland- however you can snap a shot of this Buff Weka on Mou Wahu Island on Lake Wanaka (there is even one named Wally on the island). Photo by @ecowanakaadventures(opens in new window) on Instagram.

Gannets at Muriwai, Auckland

From August to March each year you can watch the comings and goings of busy gannet colonies, found in both Muriwai, Auckland and Hawkes Bay. These birds are incredibly photogentic and entertaining.Photo by @jamessyoung(opens in new window) on Instagram. 

Christchurch - Canterbury
Giant Sperm Whale, Kaikoura, Christchurch - Canterbury

It will be a little hard to snap a selfie with a whale, however you can take a photo of one large tail. Kaikoura is renowned for its population of Giant Sperm Whale. These beautiful creatures are photogentic at all times of the year. Photo by @felografie(opens in new window) on Instagram.

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