Motiti Island is a place to get away from it all. Catch some fish, dive the wreck or just flop on a beach.

A 10 minute flight from Tauranga, Motiti Island is a paradise for diving, fishing, swimming and snorkelling. The island has only about 30 permanent residents, but there's comfortable accommodation for visitors seeking the simple life.

Walks around the island will reveal a rich Maori heritage in the form of pa (fort) sites and food pits. There are several wonderful beaches to discover on the sheltered side of the island and an interesting rocky shoreline on the ocean side.

Diving and snorkelling at Motiti are spectacular. The tug boat "Taioma" lies on the sea floor just a few metres offshore - a very accessible wreck dive. At the right time of the year, you can dive for crayfish and scallops. If you fancy a spot of fishing, there are snapper, kingfish, terakihi and blue mao mao to catch - either off the rocks or from a boat.

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