Bees at Waihi Beach lodge

We have added a beehive to our property at Waihi Beach with the aim of helping bees out and at the same time providing guests with our own honey.

A couple of weeks ago new bees arrived at the lodge to start doing their thing and collecting honey. We have a new bee man and supply of Italian bees.

The aim is to get them through the winter and ready for summer when they will be doing their thing pollinating and collecting honey.

Our goal is to help out bees as their numbers are in decline globally as well as in New Zealand and as a by product provide our own honey to our guests.Guests will get raw honey later in the year - can't wait!

Geographically we are in an area that is horticulture rich with kiwifruit vines and Avocado trees plus there is plenty of citrus trees around as well.

We will keep you posted with updates as we progress through winter into spring.

We have 2 sets of neighbours who are also interested in having bees so will let you know if they go ahead. Bees travel up to 3 miles or 5kms to collect honey and both these neighbours have quite different offerings for the bees.

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