Explore the South Island on a Kirra Coach Tour

Discover more of New Zealand's South Island on a Kirra Coach Tour, with tours ranging from 5 to 23 days in duration.

The South Island of New Zealand is a land filled with majestic natural beauty and mystery, a striking mix of snowy alps, flat vast plains and thick temperate rainforest. This extraordinary region offers a landscape so diverse that every day travelling on a Kirra Tours Coach Journey will bring new delights beyond your window, a scenic kaleidoscope of glittering alpine towns and historic heritage buildings, wild isolated coastlines and towering alps that soar across the horizon.

If the North Island is the country’s beating cultural heart, than the South must certainly be New Zealand’s showcase for astonishing panoramas. Nowhere else on earth can you witness such diverse and vastly changeable scenery over such a small area, each region somehow more beautiful than the last with awe-inspiring vistas that will take your breath away.  From the Abel Tasman’s rainforest and pristine beaches in the north right through to mysterious isolated Fiordland in the south, a Kirra Coach journey across New Zealand’s South Island will capture your imagination and leave you with the feeling you have experienced something truly special.

Discover Queenstown’s buzzing adventure capital and stunning alpine scenery, a must-see destination included in all of Kirra Tours’ south island itineraries. Admire the isolated beauty of the wild windswept West Coast, home to hidden glaciers and dense native forest, and explore the secluded Mt Cook village, tucked away deep in the heart of the Southern Alps. Learn about the vibrant and hopeful community spirit which is working enthusiastically to rebuild the city of Christchurch and experience the lush stunning coastline and heritage architecture of Dunedin.

With so many Kirra Coach Touring options and iconic experiences to choose from, New Zealand’s stunning South Island is the perfect destination for your next holiday!