Great Camping Grounds in Auckland

We conducted a survey for campers asking for their suggested camping grounds in Auckland. Here are the suggestions.

While Auckland's atmosphere is sufficiently caring to take into outdoors practically throughout the entire year, summer is the brilliant season for campervan occasions. Is the climate soothing, as well as various open occasions that make it far less demanding to sneak away for a long weekend. Both Waitangi Day and Auckland Anniversary weekend give impeccable reasons to escape the enormous smoke and appreciate the normal tranquility to be found inside a short drive from New Zealand's biggest city. Dissimilar to numerous other huge urban communities, you don't have to head out for quite a long time to escape the solid wilderness - in Auckland, the magnificence of nature is spot on your doorstep. To help you escape to nature this mid year, we're presenting to you a percentage of the best Auckland Regional Park campgrounds for outdoor lovers who often book a campervan hire NZ - examine to begin arranging your next summer getaway!


Suggested Campgrounds In Auckland


Peninsula Campground

Unlikely to be overwhelm by summer swarms, this tranquil small campground on the Manukau Harbor is an incredible spot to simply make tracks in an opposite direction from it all. With a shoreline perfect for swimming or kayaking and some top notch eel spotting open doors for the children, Peninsula Campground is an underrated jewel.

  • Sites can be booked up to 6 months in advance
  • Toilets and BBQs are available onsite
  • Cost per night: $15 for adults, $6 for children

Schischka Campground

Another campground, implying that you can be among the first to appreciate this pleasant site - on the flipside, you ought to know that in spite of the fact that there are numerous trees planted around the campground, every one of them are genuinely youthful and don't give extraordinary shade or safe house just yet. This is substantially less of an issue for campervan holidaymakers, be that as it may.

  • You can find the Wenderholm Beach just 1.5 km down the road from campground
  • There is a modern toilet block with a good number of cubicles
  • Both taps and drinking fountains are located across the campground

Tawharanui All Modes Campground

Tawharanui has one of the best shorelines in Auckland - sufficiently inviting for children, while still fun enough for those who like to take advantage of the waves. The shoreline is a long way from Tawharanui's, just fascination however - this is an open asylum overflowing with local natural life. Take a walk and keep your eyes open, you'll surely be astounded by what you can see.

  • Sites can be booked up to 6 months in advance
  • There is a toilet block - one of the cubicles is wheelchair friendly
  • Potable water taps can be found around the campground

Ambury Campground

This is an awesome one for youngsters. Only 15 km from the Auckland downtown area, regardless it feels a world far from the urban clamor. The view is completely lovely, and on the grounds that this is a homestead park there are a bundle of creatures for the children to get up near. You could even appreciate a spot of steed riding!

  • Sites can be booked up to 6 months in advance
  • There are 10 hardstands for campervans that are available on a first come, first served basis - though campervans can park anywhere during dry weather.
  • Cost per night: $15 for adults, $6 for children

Tapapakanga Stream SCC Campground

Particularly devoted to campervan holidaymakers, this site trades comforts for an ideal common habitat. There are two distinct areas for campervans - one near Tapapakanga Stream and the other by Kaparanui Stream. Shady streamside outdoors can be found at both areas.

  • You’ll need a certified self-contained campervan in order to stay here, as there are no toilets available.
  • All water should be boiled for three minutes before drinking
  • Cost per night: $8 for adults, $4 for children

Sullivan’s Bay Campground

This is the only vehicle serviceable campground in the lovely Mahurangi Regional Park, and it has a stellar notoriety so reserving great early is prudent to keep you away from frustration. Whether you're substance to cookout on the grass, need to jump into the sound's unmistakable water or investigate the encompassing zone by walking, Sullivan's Bay is a late spring heaven.

  • Sites can be booked up to 6 months in advance
  • There is a toilet block located at the far corner of the campground and water taps on the beachfront.
  • Cost per night: $15 for adults, $6 for children

Te Haruhi Campground

Te Haruhi is situated inside Shakespear Regional Park, one of Auckland's most very much cherished open asylums. There are various strolling tracks for those hoping to investigate this lovely territory, and the campground itself is right over the sand ridges from Te Haruhi Bay.

  • Sites can be booked up to 6 months in advance
  • Toilets and potable water are available
  • Cost per night: $15 for adults, $6 for children

Regardless of which campground you pick, make a point to book as quickly as time permits - both for your campground and your campervan rental, as you won't be the one and only hoping to investigate the astounding outdoors opportunities around Auckland this late spring!

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