Should you swim with the dolphins or the seals in Kaikoura?

The joys of swiming with New Zealand Fur Seals and Dusky Dolphins in the coastal waters of the beautiful South Island town of Kaikoura.

Hmmmm...Should I swim with the dolpins or the seals?

Upon arrival in the stunning little seaside town of Kaikoura, this is the most common question that the traveler is faced with. After hearing anecdotal accounts of the joys of both experiences from fellow travelers, many a traveler has found the decision desperately difficult.

 Having done both myself the answer is simple – DO BOTH!!! Don’t even hesitate!!! Both experiences frequently become the highlight of travelers New Zealand holiday.

 To view any marine mammal in its own environment even from the surface is in itself a memorable experience, however getting in and getting eye to eye with these creatures takes the experience to the next level. It simply doesn’t compare.

 When are you next likely to have the opportunity to slip into the sheltered, pristine bays of the beautiful Kaikoura Peninsula and come face to face with a New Zealand fur seal that has approached you purely from his/her own free will?  As he/she looks you right in the eye and playfully circles you, you will be forced to wonder about exactly what it is they’re thinking!

Their puppy dog like curiosity and playful natures will captivate you. You’ll fall in love and you’ll want to take one home! I tell you now it’s an experience that you will never forget, not in a million years!  

And where else will you get a chance to have a wild dolphin and three of his mates circle you in the open ocean? Before raising your head out of the water to take in the sight of hundreds of dolphins jumping and flipping with the stunning image of the Kaikoura coastline and mountains as a back drop.  Hmmm?

 Whether you are on a budget or not, don’t compromise on either of these experiences.

 Both Seal Swim Kaikoura and Encounter Kaikoura are award winning, world renowned operations that have over 20 years experience each.  Both activities are locally owned and operated by local people and families who really care and both are licensed by the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

 When your time in Kaikoura is over and you are heading back down the beautiful coastal highway with the memories of both experiences fresh in your mind you will have absolutely no regrets!!!