New Zealand’s Edinburgh!

A little story about a foolish Scotsman that just has to be told:

Once upon a time, after Dunedin has been founded as a Scottish Settlement, there was Dunedin’s surveyor, Charles Kettle. Charles Kettle had a vision - a quiet foolish one you might find.

When planning Dunedin, he instructed to emulate the characteristics of Edinburgh, using the same construction plan. Unfortunately, he was not thinking of the differences in landscape between Dunedin and Edinburgh.

Consequently, the builders struggled. In some parts they were even failing to construct his vision across the quiet challenging landscape of Dunedin.

The results are both grand and quirky streets, as well as in some parts real steep streets. Moreover, all the streets are named after the streets of Edinburgh, thanks to Charles Kettle.

But the Scottish influence doesn’t stop in the construction of the city and its street names.
Wandering through Dunedin, you will notice its Gothic stone buildings – the Scottish Edwardian and Victorian architecture.

Founded in 1848 as a Scottish Settlement, the Scottish architecture and culture are still present in today’s Dunedin.

More than that, the city’s name derives from Dùn Èideann, the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

As one can see, Dunedin’s roots are still present and if you like to find out more, there are great options of heritage tours around the city to experience Dunedin’s Scottish roots!

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