Te Anaroa Caves - Subterranean Magic

An hour and a half guided tour through a 350m cave system in Rockville, Collingwood.

Around 9km inland from Collingwood, near the Devil’s Boots, you will find Te Anaroa Caves. This Rockville property contains an amazing underground wonderland, which you can experience with a lovely and informative guide.

Whatever the weather, you can always venture down here and be sheltered from heat or from rain. In the height of summer, how nice to experience the dark coolness for a good hour and a half as you wind your way for 350 meters along a series of caves.

Wonder at the preserved history of ancient formations and fossils. View a number of different types of stalactites and stalagmites, just watch your head!

Stop and see the effects of the light behind the formations and look up to see the glowworms twinkling like a night sky.

This is fantastic for people of all ages – it is safe and fun and there is even a little bit of clambering involved and some tight spaces – nothing too adventurous but more interesting than a boardwalk.

Wear comfortable walking shoes – sandals or jandals will not be suitable for the surfaces – and you might need something warm, even in the middle of summer.

Gas lanterns and safety helmets are provided to protect your noggin, and definitely bring your camera to try and capture the magical, subterranean world.

In summer there are three daily tours: 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm, rain or shine.

The rest of the year they run by appointment and sometimes offer a Twilight Tour – especially for the glowworms.

Admission for Adults is $20 per person, Children $10 or a Family for $50. Pre-schoolers are free.

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