What to expect from your skydive

Here at NZONE Skydive we know exactly what happens during a skydive but for the first timer we understand it’s a daunting prospect.

Sometimes not knowing what’s going to happen can be scarier than the skydive itself so here’s what you can expect from your skydive so you can book your jump with confidence!


No matter how much research you do we can almost guarantee you’ll be nervous before your jump. Don’t worry though NZONE Skydive have jumped over 300,000 tandem skydive customers, so you’re in safe hands with our team of experienced Tandem Masters.

New found friends

Right from checking-in at the store in central Queenstown you’ll take the journey with a group of fellow skydivers. Taking the customer transport from central skydive you can share your nerves with your new friends and after your jumps you’ll travel back to town together and revel in your shared experience!

The ultimate adrenaline rush

Freefalling through the air at up to 200km/h, we don’t really need to elaborate on this one.

Epic photos and video

You can commission one of NZONE Skydives freefall photographers to jump with you and capture your skydive. The views as you skydive over Queenstown are truly second to none; it’s an experience you’ll want to document to share on social media as soon as you land!

Skydiving is one of the most life changing experiences you’ll ever have and a must do when visiting New Zealand’s South Island.  Book your tandem skydive over Queenstown here.

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