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Dunedin para Central Queenstown


  • Catlins wildlife
  • Milford Sound
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Journey into the captivating lower South Island to uncover an unforgettable mix of rare wildlife, remote rugged lands, and delicious seafood. The Southern Scenic Route to Milford Sound refreshes the body and soul with its unforgettable landscapes. Get acquainted with the heritage architecture and eco-encounters of Dunedin before you follow the east coast road to The Catlins region. 


Please be aware that parts of this journey cover an alpine route and driving conditions in this area can vary, particularly over the winter months. Remember to check the local conditions before setting out and give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. 


Cannibal Bay, Catlins

Photo by David Wall

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Dunedin - Catlins - Invercargill

3 h

30 min

252 km

157 mi


Dunedin is a treasure box of Victorian and Edwardian architecture. During the gold rush, the city acquired some of New Zealand's most impressive commercial buildings. You can see amazing examples of revival Gothic, Italianate, Palladian and Georgian architecture, and you can stay in historic hotels and grand homes that have been converted to bed and breakfast establishments. Eco-tours to penguin, albatross and fur seal colonies are Dunedin's other claim to fame - some include a cruise up the beautiful Otago Harbour.

Waterfalls, forests and marine mammal encounters await you on the Catlins Coast, a stretch of wilderness that begins just south of Balclutha. Be sure to take the track to Purakaunui Falls, a magnificent 20 metre, three tier waterfall. Nugget Point is the surest bet for wildlife viewing - it's the only place where you can find fur seals, Hooker's sea lions and sea elephants coexisting. It's also home to colonies of yellow-eyed penguins and blue penguins. At Porpoise Bay you can scan the waves for Hector's dolphins. Curio Bay has a very curious fossilised forest - it's 180 million years old.

Invercargill is Southland's principal centre and the country's southernmost city. Local food specialties include Bluff Oysters and blue cod. The museum has a tuatara house and an excellent exhibition about New Zealand’s subantarctic islands. It’s a quick journey to Bluff to see the Stirling Point signpost, which indicates the distance to the South Pole and other parts of the world. If you've time you can catch a ferry from here to visit Stewart Island Rakiura.

Pinguim-de-olho-amarelo de Dunedin

Início em Dunedin

Arquitetura histórica e ecoaventuras esperam por você em Dunedin. Assista ao surfe dos pinguins na praia depois de um dia de pesca bem-sucedida.

A rua principal de Invercargill tem mita personalidade.

Término em Invercargill

É fácil de percorrer as ruas largas de Invercargill. A cidade mais austral da Nova Zelândia tem muita personalidade e um coração caloroso e amigável.

Dirigir na Nova Zelândia

O que você precisa saber sobre dirigir na Nova Zelândia.  
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