100 Tips for free travel in New Zealand

Travelling in New Zealand is not normally cheap, but we have come up with some exciting tips to help you grab the essentials for free... or just a few $.

Kia Ora, travel bugs! Have you been longing for a trip around New Zealand but your bank balance is a hurdle you can’t seem to leap? Would that be a little less daunting if you could travel using no more than the change in your pocket? Good news, we have come up with some exciting tips to help you grab the essentials for no more than $1. No hassle, just great, cheap travel.

These are the first 10 tips:

Free rental cars - just visit transfercar and you will discover a wonderful world of rental cars and campervans that you can drive for free.

$1 bus rides - both Nakedbus and Intercity offer those special deals if you can book a few months in advance.

Sleep for free with couchsurfing - plenty of opportunities provided by this amazing community.

Free campsites and huts provided by the Department of Conservation. 

Wwoofing enables you to get free accommodation and free food in exchange for a few hours of work per day.

House sitting enables you to stay in comfortable homes for free in exchange for looking after a pet. How hard can this be? 

House swapping is great if you own your home - Save a fortune on hotels and get the keys to a beautiful house.

There are plenty of free activities to do in New Zealand. 

New Zealand is dotted with excellent free museums. 

Keep on reading more tips to travel for free. 

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