6 awesome backpacker jobs in New Zealand

What jobs can backpackers get in New Zealand?

Armed with a working holiday visa, a Starter Pack, and a desire to fund your travels, you are ready to find a job! There's really a huge variety of jobs in New Zealand to try. Some people land their dream job, while others build on essential skills or choose a job to immerse themselves in the New Zealand culture.

1. Ski field staff

It's the dream, right? Get a lift pass for free so you can ski or snowboard all season!

2. Au Pair

Be part of the family and gain valuable experience in childcare. Save loads of dollars by working for accommodation.

3. Hospitality

Get socialising by being a waiter/waitress or bartender.


4. Fruit and veggie picking

Work as a team and make loads of cash, especially if you are paid per piece, plus, this work will help you extend your working holiday visa.

5. WWOOFing

An exchange, rather than working for a wage. Work 3-6 hours a day for food and accommodation, while experiencing an authentic New Zealand lifestyle.

6. Tourism industry jobs

Be the one pushing people from bridges... (in bungy jumping, obviously). Also, enjoy the perks such as free activities and trips!

That's only naming a few of the amazing jobs you can experience in New Zealand.

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