Budget your way to the best campervan holiday

A motorhome or campervan holiday through New Zealand’s North Island will save you money, time and effort – so you can enjoy the most of the island.

More to see and do, less to spend

Here’s our tips to getting the best value out of your motorhome holiday:

  1. Choose travel times off-peak season, and look out for deals from companies such as Cheapa Campa
  2. Take advantage of New Zealand’s Freedom Camping arrangements – but make sure you respect the restrictions.
  3. Hire a motorhome with a built in kitchen such as the Cheapa 6 Berth so you can stock up on delicious New Zealand food and wine and enjoy eating your meals at your campsite. Try and find a local farmer’s market wherever you go. 
  4. For skype calls to loved ones back home, check out free wifi at local libraries, McDonalds and various cafes in the towns you visit.
  5. Make the most of Happy Hour at the pub, where you can get a cheap beer and chat to the locals about their town.
  6. Do an internet search for ‘free activities’ in the towns you choose to visit – you’ll be amazed at the suggestions you discover.
  7. If you’re travelling with kids, put together an activity and snack pack for on the road – they’ll demand less stops and you can get to where you’re going faster
  8. Make the most of New Zealand’s natural beauty with the nation’s national pastime – go tramping! It’s free and the scenery is just as exhilarating as the rush from an expensive adrenalin sport.

The North Island is full of beautiful places to explore on your motorhome holiday. From the urban buzz of Auckland, to the relaxed beauty in the Bay of Plenty. There’s hot steamy action at Rotorua and the fabulous beach town of Whitianga where you can chill out in hot spring pools. And don’t forget to drop into the capital city, Wellington.

Here, you can still have a wonderful time on a budget especially if you take advantage of Cheapa Campa’s Summer Special – Click on the deal beside this article to secure a great offer for your New Zealand holiday!

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