Calling All Thrill Seekers to Rotorua

Rotorua is the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers. We have some great suggestions for those looking to get an Adrenalin fix in Rotorua.

Are you a thrill-seeker who loves to get the heart pumping and adrenalin flowing? If you are then Rotorua is the place for you.


Described as a Ferrari on water, the Agrojet Jet will launch to 100 kilometres per hour in the blink of an eye. Experience 3G's of force while a professional driver weaves you through the islands of the purpose built jet boat sprint course. Remember to hold on tight for the big finale, a full 360-degree spin that will leave you breathless!

Freefall Extreme

Learn how to fly like a superhero on Freefall Extreme! A giant wind column allows you to float, flip and twist up through the air longer than you would freefall while skydiving from a plane. Rotorua is the only place in New Zealand where you can body fly, so take this opportunity spread your wings and take to the air.

The Swoop

Strap in, pull the cord and swoop through the air at speeds up to 130 kilometres per hour on The Swoop. You and up to two friends can channel your inner Tarzan as you plunge towards the earth accelerating at 9.8 metres each second, before heading back towards the sky.

The Shweeb

A totally unique experience, that can only be found in Rotorua. The Shweeb is an aerodynamic, pedal-powered, racing pod suspended from a 200-metre-long track. With two side-by-side interweaving tracks you can race against your friends, foes or just against the clock. The Shweeb will get your heart racing and you will feel the inertia as you swing around the corners at speeds up to 50 kilometres an hour. Think you’re fast? You could win $1,000 cash if you can beat the current world record!

Rotorua Bungy

Looking to tick bungy jumping off your bucket list? New Zealand's best value bungy is the Rotorua Bungy. The platform stands 43 metres high where you can take in the views across Lake Rotorua before you take the big leap. For those who are not sure whether they will be able to make it over the edge, Rotorua Bungy will fix you to a Bungy Master who'll do the hard work for you.

If you want to get your adrenalin rushing during your time in Rotorua then check out Velocity Valley Adventure Park. Agroventures is a thrill-seekers paradise in Rotorua that includes all of the above experiences.  

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