Climbing in Beautiful Lake Taupo

Adventurous Climbing in Lake Taupo!

So... my festivity hang-over is over. Guests have come and gone, wine has been drunk, copious amount of ham have been inbibed and I need a release, a bit of fun, a dash of adventure....

"Climbing" says the Cowboy.

"Climbing?" says I. I'm remembering my rather large feet trying to grip to some hard quality Yorkshire limestone as a member of the girl guides and it's not instilling me with the get-up-and-go-will I require.

"Yes, climbing!" repeats the Boy. And, ever eager to impress, I find myself here, at the ready, rope in hand, harness attached, gazing up at what appears to be a rather large, vertical, some might say, steep, wall.

"It's Ok", I breathe to myself, an unexplainable fear of heights overcoming me, "Just one foot at a time."

And there I am, slowly but surely edging up the wall. See, it turns out, climbing is awesome and I LOVE it too! The Lake Taupo region has a number of options available if you are a beginner, or experienced, the kindly folks at the Taupo Events Centre complex, have installed a rather wonderful, convenient, indoor climbing wall.

Over 12 metres of fun and challenging climbs, which are regularly changed to keep you fresh and on the ball. The climbs are graded 12 through 29 and suit any level of experience and there are always instructors on hand if you need their assistance.

Climbing is a personal challenge, both mentally and physically, either complete a route within your strength level and maintain your fitness or get out of the box and out of your comfort zone with an overhang or other obstacle.

Come rain or shine both Taupo and Turangi have an indoor climbing wall or if you prefer the Great NZ Wilderness, you could hike/bike out to Kawakawa Bay and follow the walking track up to the overhang and challenge yourself under the summer sun, but if you are a beginner like me, get on and give it a go, you might just enjoy it as much as I did!