Fishing licenses in New Zealand

All freshwater fishing in NZ requires a Fish & Game licence. Your licence can be used in any area administered by Fish and Game New Zealand.

If you’re fishing from Oct 1 onwards, a whole season licence gives you the freedom of fishing anywhere in the country (except the Lake Taupo region) as often as you like. Not only is it your passport to the best trout fishing on the planet, but it funds our efforts to keep our fishing environment sustainable for future generation.

How Much Does a Licence Cost?

A whole season licence costs only $121 for an adult and $24 for a junior (Under 18).

Or, if you'd prefer to just fish away for a day, a 24 hour licence costs only $23 for an adult or $7 for a junior.

A child's licence is free for those under 12 years old at 1st October 2013.

Plus, there is a family licence available for only $157 (2 Adults & 4 Juniors).

What are the fishing seasons?

The official fishing season starts on 1st October and ends on 31st March following year.  There are some areas within the country that remain open during winter season.  If you like to fish during the winter season, which runs from 1st April to 30th September, you will need to purchase Winter season license seperately.

Where Do I Purchase a Licence?

You can purchase your licence online via Fish & Game’s online license system, or by calling the free phone number 0800 542 362; or by dropping in to a local hunting or fishing retail store.  Funds go towards protecting the fishery and NZ’s iconic waterways.

How Long Does the Licence Take to Arrive?

Your licence begins from the moment it is purchased. You'll receive an email, a text or be given the paperwork. This means you can find a good spot then go online, pick up the phone or drop into a local store and within minutes you are licenced and free to Fish Away.

Please note that your licence is a permit to fish for sports fish in accordance with the regulations governing the Fish and Game New Zealand region in which you are fishing. It does not grant or imply any right of access over land. If you want to walk over private land, please first get the permission of the land occupier.

For more information on fishing license, please visit our website.