Freedom Camping: The Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Of course, there are rules to follow, however these are in place to ensure we kiwis maintain our clean, image. Find out more on Freedom Camping.

In simple terms, as the name suggests, Freedom Camping basically means enjoying the ‘free’ designated camping grounds throughout New Zealand. Of course, there are rules to follow, however these are in place to ensure we kiwis maintain our ‘clean, green’ image and keep our beautiful country just the way it is.

So, what are some of the rules of Freedom Camping?

One of the most important rules to adhere to, whenever you may be camping, is refraining from leaving any litter or human waste behind. Rubbish and recycling bins, as well as designated dump stations, will always be on-site, so be sure to dispose of your litter responsibly.

Also, help conserve electricity by switching off any electrical equipment when not in use. Use water sparingly as well – local tour operators will have some great tips and advice on eco-friendly practices, so have a friendly chat.

When planning where to camp for the night, always ensure it is a (legally) designated site or you could be facing a $200 infringement fine issued by the local council. We recommend you download the Britz Roadtrip App, brimming with information on free and authorised camping grounds throughout the country, including nearby national parks and attractions in the area.

What’s a self-contained vehicle?

Self-contained refers to a vehicle certification used to identify campervans and motorhomes that qualify to contain water-waste for up to 3-days (i.e. water supply, grey water and septic waste). Not all camping grounds provide accommodations for self-contained vehicles, so keep an eye out for notifications and signs.

What works if my campervan isn't plugged into power?

It is recommended that you power-up your camper every second night. Obviously, the more equipment and devices you have, the quicker your batteries will drain. Here’s a couple of tips: keep your fridge filled, even by using recycled bottles filled with water, and turn the fridge to a lower setting. You can also reduce your power consumption by parking your campervan or motorhome in the shade

So, what are the hard and fast rules of freedom camping?

  • Be sure to know where you can legally freedom camp.
  • Understanding what it means to have a ‘Certified Self-Contained’ vehicle.
  • Leverage the Britz Roadtrip App to help plan and manage your travels.
  • Be an advocate for eco-friendly camping when in New Zealand camping grounds. Help us maintain our ‘clean, green’ reputation.

It’s as simple as that, travellers.

Wherever you are in New Zealand, you can be sure to find a freedom camping ground. So, get out there and enjoy the open road at your own pace, and don’t forget to post some pictures for us, tag #britzcampervans and #gobycamper!

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