Motorhome Hire - Living space vs driving ease

When hiring a motorhome for travelling around New Zealand, there are two key factors to consider.

Are you someone that prefers living space or driving ease?

The case for space

Large motorhomes provide lots of space with separate dining and sleeping areas (particularly handy in a stretch of wet weather). Yet smaller campervans are often much cheaper and are easier to handle on New Zealand's winding roads.

We have been surveying motorhome travellers for over four years and it's very common to hear parties of 2 or 3 being thankful that they chose a 4 or 6 berth motorhome. They appreciate the extra room to move and the convenience that it brings. The larger vehicles are also often self contained (include toilet and shower) which give more overnight stay options

Smaller can mean easier and cheaper

At the same time, many couples are very happy they have chosen a smaller, easy driving vehicle, much like their car at home. They are also happy as this option generally costs alot less.  If you are travelling in summer, you can make the most of outdoor living and get the best out of natural New Zealand.

So are you some-one that appreciates extra space and convenience when travelling? Or is easy driving and cost more of an issue to you?

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