My Greymouth visit, West Coast South Island

Just finished travelling around NZ for two months. The highlight was greymouth on the South Island West Coast

Greymouth turned out to be  great place to base myself for a week. Being situated on the coast and beside a river its location provided me with many varies things to do. I also found things reasonably priced and the people friendly and helpful with lots to see or do that didnt cost anything. There were plenty of Adventure Tours to choose from as well. Here is a list of what I really enjoyed while there.

  • Pancake Rocks,. I did a half day all inclusive tour which included some guided walks and a search for gemstones on a secluded beach the guide took us to
  • Dragons Cave Rafting. I took the zipline option to start the tour which was really fun. Loved the glow-worms,tubing and cliff jump. The spa at the end was great
  • Cycle Trail. They have a new cycle trail that goes down the coast with some great views. I hired a bike for the day and visited some pubs on the way! It's all flat too
  • Point Elizabeth walk. A Beautiful walk near town through rainforest and along the coast. Finishes at a pub. I did several other walks to lookout points above town
  • On Yer Bike. This 4x4 farm bike tour is a blast with plenty of mud. But they give you all the gear and have lots of trails to choose from
  • Go and talk to Mick Colins if you are interested in Jade Carving. He has a shed beside the cycle trail and is a real interesting bloke who loves visitors  & I thought his prices were reasonable. Just call in, he has a long white beard. Not there during whitebaiting (September)
  • Shantytown. I went to see the bush steam trains. The staff were interesting telling how they had rescued and rebuilt the trains. Ask for Rochelle, she set me up behind the bar in the saloon in some goldminers gear for a great photo

Greymouth was an interesting little town where I got to relax from the rigours of travel! I even got invited out by some locals I met in a cafe near the clock tower to a BBQ which was a bonfire on the beach. One of the best evenings of my travels.