Nine reasons to take the family on a campervan holiday

The good’ol Kiwi camping holiday is often considered a national treasure for generations of families in New Zealand.

Dust off the photo album and you’re almost guaranteed to come across photos of old caravans, leaky tents and piles of tent poles that were supposed to hold up something...

Fast-forward to todays holiday parks and campervans, we’ve upgraded to ‘glamping’. You can enjoy all the creature comforts such as Wi-Fi and TV rooms, swimming pools and spa tubs and even on-site espresso machines for your daily coffee fix!

The heart of any Kiwi camping experience, however, are the precious memories made and quality time with the family and loved ones. So if you’re planning a family holiday in a campervan, here are nine reasons to make it happen;

1. Campervans make for hassle-free travel.

Simply climb aboard, unpack your luggage, and hit the road. Not only do campervans offer convenience, comfort and surprisingly spacious accommodation, you’ll find that a Britz campervan is very economical, especially if you plan to stay between scenic reserves and holiday parks, and utilise your on-board kitchen for meals.

2. Turn your holiday into an adventure.

Wake up to a new view every day. Campervan travel offers the ultimate freedom to explore new and exciting destinations when and where you feel like it.

3. Go where the wild things are.

Experience the great outdoors and get up and close to nature. Campervan travel provides the opportunity to encounter all sorts of habitats home to a myriad of weird and wonderful wildlife.

4. Multiply the fun factor in holiday parks.

New Zealand holiday parks offer just about everything you need to enjoy the outdoors. With wide open spaces to run around, playgrounds for the kids, swimming pools and spas, game rooms, and rental equipment such as bicycles, kayaks, paddle boards, and, if you’re lucky, even a bouncy castle, you’ll also enjoy a friendly atmosphere of fellow campers.

5. Turn strangers into friends.

Camping grounds in New Zealand are legendary for making new friends. While the kids run free, uncork a bottle of wine or enjoy a cold one with the grown-ups. Camping is refreshingly casual, family-orientated, and rooted in the principles of kindness and trust.

6. Switch off.

Unplug! Substitute social media for a face-to-face conversation, or a simple wave and smile. The perfect opportunity to reboot your relationships with some good old-fashioned family interaction. To quote Peter, campervan advocate and father of three: ‘The more you take away, the more you get.’ Lovely.

7. Turn darkness into light.

Dust off the telescope for some stargazing, grab a torch and entertain the kids with shadow puppets, sing songs around the campfire (and don’t forget the marshmallows!).

8. Bring Grandma and Grandpa. (Optional).

Take some time to reconnect with the extended family. Most camping grounds provide convenient and comfortable cabins, or you can make them up a bed in your campervan.

9. Teach one of life’s greatest lessons.

Whether it’s kayaking in the estuary, sandcastles on the beach, savouring a sunset, or sparking up the BBQ, the best things in life are still free.