Pig and Pigeon Islands - A super scenic road from Queenstown to Glenorchy

The Pig & Pigeon Islands are two of the biggest islands in Lake Wakatipu - Queenstown New Zealand.

If you drive down New Zealand’s most scenic highway from Queenstown to Glenorchy you come to a roadside pull off where you must stop, called Bennetts Bluff.  The views are breathtaking, and from there you can see clearly Pig and Pigeon Islands.

Both islands were gifted to the people of Queenstown during Queen Victoria’s reign. Today they’re kept free of pests (and pigs!) to encourage native birds, such as the growing population of Wood Pigeons, Tuis, Bellbirds, & Weka living there. 

The cheeky wekas are plentiful and very friendly and keep a close eye on them, they will steal your lunch!

Queenstown and Glenorchy locals love to boat or kayak over to the islands on a calm day or camp overnight on Pigeon Island, which has a great DOC hut or you can pitch a tent on the flats. 

Also fantastic is a day walk up to the top or around Pigeon Island.  Fancy a game of cricket? There’s a cricket patch mown or simply relax and try catch a fish for your dinner!

Here’s a bit of funny history: back in the 1950’s when pigs and sheep were side by side competing for food on Pig Island during a drought, the pigs quickly proved that bacon beats lamb…they started eating the sheep! Both sheep and pigs were quickly pulled off the island!!

For more stories and legends surrounding the landscape on the road to Glenorchy, come on a trip with Pure Glenorchy Tours, we’d love to show you around.