Rental Car Relocations

Rental car relocation deals, offered when a car hire company needs to move cars from one city to another, are a cheap and easy way to travel the country!

For visitors looking for a great way to travel on a tight budget, rental car relocation in New Zealand is a cheap and easy way to get exploring!

Rental car relocation deals are offered when a car hire company needs to move vehicles from one city to another. These relocation deals allow travellers to cheaply drive rental cars over a set number of days, from a pick-up branch, to the needed location.

Sorting out a car relocation deal is quick and easy - the rental company will specify which branch the car needs to be collected from, and the date it must reach its destination branch. For travellers flexible about where they start from and where they end up, these deals can start from as low as one dollar per day. Visitors should however be sure to check out the company’s full terms and conditions, as these include information about any extra costs that may be incurred, including petrol and insurance.

While New Zealand rental car relocations are a fantastic opportunity to explore cheaply, there are also several limitations to take into consideration. The high-demand routes, like Auckland to Wellington, or Christchurch to Queenstown, have higher numbers of paying customers so are less likely to be offered as relocation deals. The return routes however are more common, with Queenstown to Christchurch being a frequent relocation option. Off peak season travel will also increase chances of relocation deals being offered, although it’s worth remembering that winter is the busiest season for the lower South Island.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when planning a car relocation road trip:

  • As drivers usually have to pay for petrol – check local petrol prices and budget for this accordingly.
  • The rental car company may impose a mileage limit, meaning long detours may not always be possible.
  • There will usually be a day limit, so visitors wishing to extent their trip should ask the rental company if it’s possible and what the daily charges are. It might still be worth it if the first few days are discounted.
  • The main cities are most often the set-off and drop-off locations – that’s Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown
  • There’s a ferry charge between Wellington and the top of the South Island which will usually be the drivers responsibility to book and pay for
  • Insurance will have to be taken with the rental company for the duration of the trip.

Rental car relocation deals are an excellent opportunity for travellers on a tight budget. Explore New Zealand’s stunning scenery, visit bustling cities and experience unforgettable attractions, all while saving money. For great deals, visit Omega Rental Car’s New Zealand rental car relocation page, and start planning your journey today.

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