Sailing on the Barbary

A wonderful sunset cruise on Lake Taupo to the Rock Carvings.

At five o’clock I jumped on board the Barbary, a sailing boat which would take me to the rock carvings. The boat was very classy and comfortable since there the seats were made of soft sandbags.

The five pm cruise was fully booked by all different types of people. Everyone brought their drinks and some afternoon snacks. Our skipper told us about our main job during the cruise: Enjoying ourselves and the great lake. The wine and the nachos were opened, the sunglasses were put on and we stared our cruise. The view was indeed breathtaking, so everyone went to the front of the boat to take some pictures. When a couple went up to the front our skipper turned on the music. The song was no surprise. What could be better than “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion. The couple had no other choice than doing the titanic position; everyone was cheering and clapping.

Since it got a little colder our skipper handed out ponchos and told us that beanies and gloves would also be available if needed. He changed the music to something more relaxed and we finally arrived at the carving. It was awesome to be there during the sunset and everyone was taking pictures while listening the story about its meaning.The Māori rock carvings were created in the late 1970s by Matahi Whakataka-Brightwell and John Randall. They are supposed to sshow Ngatoroirangi, a navigator who guided the Tuwharetoa and Te Arawa tribes to the Taupo area over a thousand years ago according to Māori legend.The 10-metre-high carving is intended to protect Lake Taupo from volcanic activities underneath.

On our way back to the harbor it was time for the barbecue. We could choose between chicken, beef and vegetarian burger. I took the beef one and was more than satisfied.