Secrets to ski insurance revealed

You’ve been dreaming about your perfect ski trip for months now and bet you can’t wait to hit the slopes. But what could possibly go wrong?

You’ve been dreaming about your perfect ski trip for months now and bet you can’t wait to hit the slopes. But what could possibly go wrong?

The truth is, on skiing holidays, things often do.
Maybe your flight is cancelled due to bad weather, you lose your camera, or break an arm on the slopes. Whatever unexpected situation (and regardless of whether you’re hitting the Kiwi slopes, or overseas), travel insurance can be the dream ticket!

The folks at reveal the secrets of ski insurance to ensure you get the best cover for your wintery trip. Shoop Shoop!

What’s included in a ski policy?

Ski insurance is like any other type of comprehensive policy that covers you for unlimited emergency medical assistance, lost luggage, cancellation cover, personal liability, resumption of journey, theft of cash and more.

However a specific ski insurance policy also covers you for:

Emergency rescue
Getting you off the mountain if you’re seriously injured. There are HUGE costs associated with medical treatment and rescue on the slopes. Should you require an emergency rescue, the cost of skidoo/helicopter evacuation from the mountain in Europe can cost more than $10,000!
Unused ski passes and lessons
Cover for passes and lessons following an accident when you unable to ski, or because of the theft of your ski pass

Resort closure
Covers the cost of travel to and from, and a daily ski pass for, the nearest open ski resort if the piste at your resort is closed due to adverse weather conditions
The cost to hire equipment
If your ski gear is damaged, or if you're own equiptment is delayed

What’s not included?

Any kind of activity where you intentionally put yourself in harm’s way or irresponsible behaviour is not likely to be covered.

Out of bounds or off-piste
You’re generally only covered if you’re skiing within the resort boundaries. But some insurers will cover you off-piste if you if you’re skiing with a professional snow instructor or guide

Extreme snow sports
Heli-skiing/boarding, cat skiing, bob sleighing and mountaineering are typically not covered, but some insurers might if you pay an additional premium. These do vary between insurers so check your policies’ benefits

Another winter pimms anyone?
If you’re enjoying the après ski and then injure yourself when you're a little tipsy - you're unlikely to be covered

Unattended ski equipment
You can’t leave your skis lying around on the mountain unsupervised and expect them to be covered if they are stolen. Only your gear (or luggage) that’s locked up securly would be

New Zealand has ACC, so I don’t need travel insurance right?

Wrong! ACC is not a replacement for travel insurance. ACC only covers accidents not illness. Without travel insurance you wouldn’t be covered for any medical claims related to illness, lost or stolen luggage, cancellation cover, emergency home travel, travel for a relative, car hire excess, personal liability, loss of income, accommodation and travel expenses, resumption of journey, theft of cash… and much more!

Whether you’re a Kiwi or a visitor, you still need travel insurance when hitting the slopes in New Zealand even with ACC available to all visitors.

Understand your exclusions

Always beware of exclusions before you buy your ski insurance. We know no one likes reading terms and conditions, but it’s always a good idea to read the small print, so you understand your policy. Then you’ll avoid any unpaid claims later.

Happy skiing snow bunnies!

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