Ski boots can make or break your skiing holiday, that's a fact!

Getting a comfortable fit from your boots can be a lot easier if you help your feet with a few simple steps.

The first thing to look at is your socks.  You are best to wear one good quality, thin pair of socks.  This allows for a good, exact fit inside the boot.  When your feet slop around inside your boots, you lose serious ski performance inhibiting your ability to turn, and requiring much more effort.  Your ski boots should feel like a firm handshake on your feet and lower legs.  Sounds obvious, but be sure that there are no wrinkles in your socks – that can be a real killer for your feet and shins.

If you are still uncomfortable or your feet are slopping around, it’s time to look at your equipment.   

If you are travelling by air, due to luggage restrictions, it may be more convenient for you to rent boots in Queenstown.  Choose a rental shop like Browns Ski Shop which carries several well known brands of boots to see which brand suits your foot shape best, and gives you the level of performance that you need.  One boot type definitely doesn’t suit all feet.


If you are thinking of buying boots, always work with a specialty boot fitter.  This is one piece of gear that needs to be a collaborative effort between the boot fitter and you, if you want happy feet and great skiing.


There is a myriad of foot shapes and sizes out there, and now the solution for “happy feet” is available for all of them.  It comes in the form of Fischer Vacuum Fit technology, it’s a global sensation - truly!!!  Fischer Vacu-Plast material (a funky type of plastic) enables complete anatomical adjustment of your boots.  The shells of the Vacuum boots are heated and molded to your foot shape creating space where you need it.  The next step is to "vacuum" the boot, allowing the Vacu-Plast material to mould and shape to where you don't need space as well, this gives the exact anatomical shape for your legs and feet.  The end result is a boot that provides comfort, warmth and fantastic performance.

Bootfitting has come a long way in the past 10 years with more precise tools and better footbeds (orthotics for ski boots).  This has made it easier to get the fit you require whether to new boots, or your existing pair.


Enjoy your days on the slopes with happy feet!