Spring fly fishing around Lake Taupo

Spring is a perfect time for fly fishing in rivers around Lake Taupo: most trout spawn in September, the weather is warmer and there are fewer anglers.

Lake Taupo has the most diverse fly fishing of just about anywhere on the planet.  Within an hour and a half drive you can be doing every kind of fly fishing imaginable to wild Rainbow and Brown trout of epic proportions. 

Taupo and Turangi originally got their fame for the winter spawning runs that used to happen between May and August each year.  Changes in climate and conditions have meant that over the last decade the Rainbow trout (our version of Steelheads) in particular have spawned later in the year.  Department of Conservation fish trapping records have shown sometimes over half of all spawning trout have not entered Taupo rivers and streams until September or later.  This is the beginning of Spring in New Zealand and a great time to go fly fishing! Here are a couple of good reasons why:

Fishing pressure.  Everyone looks forward to a new winter season and from Easter onwards lots of anglers hit the rivers with their wet lines and nymphing kit.  The busiest times on the rivers are from June through August.  By September there are fewer anglers which means more empty pools to fish, and less fish disturbance.

Fish condition. Some of the trout that have stayed in the lake feeding over winter are just a bit fatter than those that head upstream at the start of winter.  If they have been feeding on crayfish in the lake they can be high in iron and big and strong.

Weather.  The weather in September starts to warm up in New Zealand and so fly fishing can be more enjoyable with the sun on your back and a blue sky above.  The days start to get longer which gives you more time to fish and at the end of September we start Daylight Savings so an extra hour is available to stay on the river.

As you can see, September onwards is a great time to enjoy fly fishing in the Taupo region. If you are new to the region then fly fishing with Taupo guides is a good option, even if you just do a day or two to learn the lay of the land.  Hopefully this article has helped motivate you to take some action and start planning your trip!


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