Sustainable tourism practices in New Zealand

Keeping New Zealand beautiful is an enormous task that is incredibly important to the New Zealand Tourism industry... Here's how you can help.

Keeping New Zealand beautiful is an enormous task that is incredibly important to the New Zealand Tourism industry and the future of the natural New Zealand environment. Therefore it is a task which needs to be taken seriously by all New Zealanders and tourism operators as well as travellers visiting New Zealand.

Qualmark NZ:

Qualmark is the national industry regulator which helps to preserve New Zealand’s 100% Pure tourism industry as well as deliver 100% Pure assurance to New Zealand visitors.

Qualmark ensure that the New Zealand tourism industry is committed to sustainable business success by ensuring New Zealand operators meet consistent service standards and environmental considerations. Business that display the green Qualmark Enviro Award logo are considered to be responsible operators that voluntarily choose to engage in sustainable activities that include Energy Efficiency, Waste Management, Water Conservation, Environmental Conservation and Community Support.

What you can do:

To keep New Zealand beautiful commercial tourism operators and visitors need to engage in responsible tourism by choosing Qualmark accredited businesses that are dedicated to reducing, respecting, protecting and benefiting natural resources, local communities, cultures and the environment.

For travellers, this can mean making holiday choices with these concerns in mind, from the destinations they visit, to the services they choose once they arrive and the way they travel.

For tourism operators it is about protecting what is unique and special about their natural resources and operating environment to keep New Zealand a “100% Pure” destination.

Pure Cruise New Zealand:

Pure Cruise New Zealand is a unique eco-sailing experience on Lake Rotoiti, that is committed to continual improvement in resource efficiency within the tourism industry.

Pure Cruise have been awarded Qualmark Enviro Silver Accreditation, and as well as working together with the Department of Conservation actively maintaining walking tracks around Lake Rotoiti, they are also members of Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter.

Pure Cruise hope to keep New Zealand beautiful by role modelling sustainable eco practices throughout all the operations of their luxury yacht charter business and sharing their vision with international and domestic guests alike.

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