Walk & plant Kauri trees in Coromandel!

A fantastic opportunity for you to give something back, while walking through the beautiful forests and beaches of the Coromandel.

Take photos, leave only footprints.

That's the advice you’ll hear before venturing into the pristine New Zealand bush. The magnificent kauri trees that once covered the Coromandel Peninsula are under threat due to the voracious soil pathogen, kauri dieback disease. In the interests of building environmental consciousness amongst visitors to the area, guided walks company Walking Legends gives you the chance to plant your own 5-year old kauri seedling in a specially allocated grove in the Coromandel.

The response has been fantastic – after just two summer seasons the grove now boasts almost 70 trees!

It has become an unexpectedly poignant experience for visitors. The trees are often planted in memory of a loved one or as a celebration of an achievement or milestone reached. There have been quite a few tears shed up on that hillside. Far from the tree-hugging days of old, this is environmentalism for the iPad generation. Each tree has its’ GPS co-ordinates logged so you can check up on your tree from anywhere in the world!

The land, at Driving Creek Nursery directly opposite the famous Driving Creek Railway, has been generously donated by owners and operators of Coromandel Adventures Sarni Hart and Willie Lochore. 

Planting these seedlings is a positive step towards saving kauri forests and exercising the environmental responsibility that a visit to New Zealand undoubtedly invokes in most tourists. Perfect for creating strong ties with the Coromandel, lasting memories that will give you an excuse to return year after year!

It’s exciting to think that in 30 years these trees will be popping their heads up above the canopy and changing the Coromandel skyline. 

It is a chance to contribute more than just tourism dollars, it is about restoring these majestic trees to their former monolithic glory and building environmental awareness.

For more details about the 4 day Coromandel Explorer Walking Tour and planting your very own kauri seedling, visit http://www.walkinglegends.com/new-zealand-guided-walks-snapshot/coromandel-explorer/

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