What is Mighway?

Mighway represents a team within THL to empower you to make the most of you RV experience and rent your vehicle to fellow nomads.

You enjoy the freedom of the open road, wide spaces and the sunshine as your RV winds its way along carefree highways. You were born for this experience. However, the sunshine and freedom dull as your RV sits stagnant between adventures collecting dust, needing repairs and adding to your to-do list.

For others, the thought of costs, repairs and motorhome metal sitting in the drive unused dampens the call in their hearts to jump into the adventure. They never take the leap. They never get on the road or realise their dreams of open road freedom.

A solution awaits you. Mighway represents a small, mighty team within Tourism Holdings Limited. The passion of this team is to empower you to make the most of your RV experience. Mighway believes those in-between trip times can be profitable in a new way for owners. On the other hand, the team longs for hesitant road-loving travellers to realise their dreams. 

Mighway provides a channel for you to rent your vehicle to fellow nomads. These services reduce the wear and tear that an RV undergoes while it is sitting unused. It also builds your budget for your next trip and shares the open road experience with others. Plus, reluctant nomads can venture across New Zealand without the responsibilities of full motorhome ownership. (Kind of like an amped-up test drive.)

Choosing from a variety of programs allows RV owners to customise their Mighway experience. It is simple. You decide on your level of service. Mighway does the rest – including taking responsibility to ensure all goes well for both parties and your motorhome.

Comprehensive insurance coverage, renter vetting, security deposits, payment processing and 24/7 customer support options demonstrate our privileged service to you. And, if the thought of cleaning and maintaining your RV ruins the enjoyment, we can do that too! Motorhome storage offers yet another option for care and service by Mighway.

Travel information and Mighway moments on our blog inspire travel ideas around New Zealand and the creation of personal stories of your own. Being part of the Mighway family connects fellow travellers on the road of life. And, it is an exciting honour for Mighway to coordinate it all.

Our team is on hand to talk through details and find the best fit for your needs and desires. You can contact us by phone at 0800 555 695 or visit our website.