What to do in Rotorua at Night

Rotorua has heaps of different things to do at night. After a long day of activities here are some awesome ways you can finish off your day the right way.

Eat Streat

Eat Streat has an awesome range of diverse food and drinks including, Italian, Thai, Indian, Stone Grill and locally crafted beer. The choice of restaurants, cafes and bars all have a spectacular outdoor setting that are lit up with colourful lights while live music can be heard from surrounding bars. The vibes there are awesome if you are looking for a fun and unique atmosphere. 

Polynesian Spa

There is no better way to finish off your day than having a hot soak at Polynesian Spa. There are multiple pools you can choose from – from private pools sitting amongst the New Zealand flora looking out over Lake Rotorua, or take the whole family and spend some time in the family spa going down the slide.

Mini Golf Rotorua

Challenge your friends and family to a round of 18-hole mini golf that is completely lit up by colourful lights at night. You may be joined by some friendly rabbits that will follow you around the course while you’re surrounded by beautiful ferns and trees. This experience, that is like no other in New Zealand can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Pig & Whistle

Rotorua’s oldest historic pub, Pig & Whistle will keep you entertained for hours on end. The live music that is played from Thursday through to Sundays all put on a great show while you can enjoy a few drinks. You must try their curly fries because they are the best in town! Check them out on the corner of Haupapa and Tutanekai Street.

Maori Cultural Experience at Mitai

Rotorua is the best place in New Zealand to experience the traditional Maori culture. Mitai take you through the history of the native culture, display the Maori dance of the haka and the poi, show you the traditional weapons that were used in battle and spoil you with the Maori cuisine of the hangi. To top it off they take you on a guided bush walk where you get to see New Zealand ferns and even glow-worms!

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