Why New Zealand should top your bucket list

Get ready to add New Zealand to your bucket list. Every single corner of New Zealand is full of breath-taking scenery, here are our top things to do.

Cave Diving in the Lost World Cave – Waitomo

Dive or take a tube ride on the lazy river at the Lost World Cave. Take a boat tour to experience the beauty of the fluorescent glowing caves and head deep into the darkness. This New Zealand attraction is a must for anybody looking to find their inner explorer.

Jet Boating - Shotover River

No paddles needed for this one, but floaties and a change of clothes are recommended. This takes white water rafting and brings it to a whole other level. Take a ride on a wild bull of a boat that seats 15 people including your driver (who seems like he’s the worst but in reality is one of the best navigators around). Buckle in and get whipped around through twists, turns and 360s in as little as 4 inches of water through narrow canyons on this thrill ride.

Visit the Shire

Feel free to geek out a bit at the Shire and travel back to middle earth – the real place where the Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot. The location is surrounded by the perfect landscape of Mount Te Aroha and the Kaimai Ranges. After the tour, head over to the Green Dragon inn which is an exact replica of the bar the citizens of Hobbiton in the Lord of the Rings went to socialise and chat with friends.

Nevis Highwire Bungy Jump – Queenstown

I have to say after swimming with sharks, rock climbing, and even skydiving, there’s nothing more anxiety provoking than bungy jumping. The terrifying moment you look down 300 feet you immediately regret accepting the idea of putting your life into the hands of a glorified rubber band. That being said, accomplishing the jump is one of the greatest feats and thrills of my entire life. At 134 metres high the Nevis highwire bungy jump is the highest bungy jump in New Zealand that hovers over the Nevis River. For any daring adrenaline junkie nothing compares to the exhilaration of bungy jumping and Nevis is one of my absolute favorites.

Don’t forget to explore the rest of Queenstown as well – it was recently named the number 10 city in the world to see before you die on our top 100 cities list.

Milford Sound

One of the most ravishing natural sights in the world, Milford Sound is probably New Zealand’s most iconic landscape. Its vibrant green forest life on the bottom half of the mountains, its snowy steep peaks at the top, and its encompassing dark blue lakes along the bottom filled with stunning waterfalls –  it's no wonder photographers from all over the world flock to Milford Sound.

Rangitikei River

With its twists and turns, sudden drops, and beautiful rocky scenery the Rangitikei River holds some of the best white water rafting in New Zealand. Afterwards you can head over to Lodges Fulcrum Pit Bar and grab a couple of drinks with your fellow paddlers. This is some first class white water.

See Auckland

The city of Auckland is one of the many reasons New Zealand is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There’s a reason it’s on our list of cities to see before you die.  With a population of almost 1.5 million people Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city. Its most iconic structure, the Sky Tower is the largest structure in the southern hemisphere standing at 328 metres high. The views are stunning. Its restaurant Orbit offers a beautiful 360 degree dining experience.