King Kong is a 2005 film and a remake of the 1933 classic and 1976 remake of the same name.

Peter Jackson's remake of the 1933 classic follows director Carl Denham (Jack Black) and his film crew on a journey to ominous Skull Island, from New York City, to film a new movie. Accompanying him are actress Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) and playwright Jack Driscoll (Adrien Brody). While on Skull Island Ann is whisked away by the monstrous ape, Kong. The film crew encounters dinosaurs and other creatures as they race to rescue Ann, while the actress forms a bond with her simian captor.

Wingnut Films.

No film has captivated my imagination more than 'King Kong'. I'm making movies today because I saw this film when I was 9 years old

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