Sometimes there are those moments in life where your spirit moves you, where your heart just kinda skips a beat and you know that something profound is happening. That’s what I felt the first time I came to New Zealand.

Epic Wanders

Whether it’s a 3-day backcountry track or a 30 minute hike near town, New Zealand has endless outdoor walking options. Lace up your hiking boots and follow Bryce across a swing bridge as she searches for New Zealand’s most jaw-dropping views.

Food for All Seasons

Farm to table is not simply a trend in New Zealand, but a way of life that has influenced Kiwi and Maori cuisine for centuries. Unearth the connection between the land and the sea with Bryce and learn why New Zealand cuisine is local, fresh and bursting with flavour. 

How to Say "Fun" in Kiwi

New Zealand is an outdoor lover’s playground. From water activities, wildlife encounters, golfing and adrenaline sports, New Zealand offers a variety of adventure for everyone. Chart Bryce as she paddles down river in the morning and finds a different type of water adventure with hot pools in the afternoon. 

The Power of Maori

New Zealand’s transformative landscapes are intrinsically tied to Maori legend and spirit. The indigenous people to New Zealand, Maori, place high value on spirituality and respect for all. Walk with Bryce through sacred Maori spiritual grounds as she learns the culture’s history and significance to New Zealand.

Capital of Cool

There’s something new to discover around every corner in Wellington. An artsy city full of coffee, cocktails and conversation, Wellington is the world’s coolest little capital. Join Bryce as she uncovers Wellington’s zest for life with a bit of shopping mixed in.

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