Frequently Asked Questions

Think NZ looks awesome but not sure how to go about sorting your trip here? See below for some basic info on how to turn your NZ dream into a reality.

How long do I need? 

At least one month, ideally longer. Yes, New Zealand does seem pretty small, but there's so much stuff going on you're going to need a bit of time.  If you haven’t got that long then either make the time (you’re young, do what you want!), or just stick to the main tourist spots.

Now don’t panic, if you've only got a week or so then you’re still going to have an amazing time; and you can still see some of the hidden away wee gems that make New Zealand so special.

Getting here

Okay so New Zealand may sound kind of far from home (that’s usually the point of travelling isn’t it?!)  But it’s easy to get down here.  There are a number of travel agents that specialise in organising trips for the youth (or youthful) traveller, and flights can be surprisingly cheap (especially if you visit out of peak-season). 

Travel agents and flight info

Getting in (visa information)

Okay time for the paper work.  If you want to get into the place (and stay here), then there are a few options, and for most people it’s actually pretty easy.  If you just want to come for a quick visit (under 3 months) and don’t intend to work, then most people should be sweet without a visa (you lucky UK crew get 6 months).  If you want to stay longer (up to 3 years for some people), or want to work while you’re here, then you’ll need a Working Holiday Visa.  The Visa thing is actually pretty straight forward and our friends at Department of Immigration have all the details.

How do I get around?

The sweet thing about New Zealand is that everything’s fairly close together, so getting around is easy and it doesn’t take a day travelling to get to the next cool thing (and the journey itself is amazing as well).  The main options are:  hop on/hop off coach tour, campervan, rental car, private car, skateboard, roller blade or ride a rented kiwi.  Those last three options aren't really great suggestions.

Here are some transport options to help get your wheels sorted:

Self-drive (rental cars and campervans)


Where do I stay? 

Kiwi land has some amazing accommodation options, and they're all pretty cheap (so you can save more dosh for the fun stuff!)  There's a whole lot of awesome hostels around the place, which are a really good place to meet other travellers, as it's usually where the party is at.  Alternatively if you want to impress that special someone from the bar then there are a few people that offer cheap deals on quality hotels/motels.  There’s also the option of camping, with holiday parks, DOC (Department of Conservation) camping grounds and other designated areas spread right around the country.  These are usually in super-beautiful spots, and most of them have facilities to save you from huddling over your gas-cooker during the (occasional) rain.




What are the cool things to do? 

Ooooh good question!  All the traditional backpacker hot-spots and activities you've probably heard of are good fun.  The really cool thing about NZ is that you can get in amongst the beautiful scenery and actually do cool stuff within it! But backpacking is also more about those random little moments/experiences (like waving to passing tourists from a paddock dressed up as a sheep, but that’s another story). 

Anyway, to truly get the most out of your NZ trip then go and get 'off the beaten track' as well - go and experience the real New Zealand.  Check out this awesome map for a whole lot of sweet stuff to do.

How expensive is it? 

Well, compared to the likes of Thailand...yes, New Zealand is a bit more spendy.  But remember the age-old saying; 'you get what you pay for’?  New Zealand is definitely worth it.  Overall it’s a lot cheaper than Aussie (sorry Aussie), and if you're smart about it then you can make your money go a long way.

Here's a link to a page that has all the info you need for the dosh side of things.

Will I have an awesome time?

Yes. Tourism New Zealand's fancy visitor satisfaction surveys show a ridiculously high satisfaction rate for youth/backpacker visitors (around 8.9/10).  If you’re not convinced then check out our Facebook page, or better yet ask a mate who's been here...they'll tell you.

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