New Zealanders have a friendly way of welcoming visitors that is rooted in the Māori idea of manaakitanga.


A form of hospitality experienced throughout New Zealand, manaakitanga deepens connections for travellers as they are made to feel welcome, respected, and looked after like family.


Stories from our visitors

Lake Taupo
Miriam at NZ's largest lake, Lake Taupo

Miriam at Lake Taupō, located on New Zealand's North Island.

Miriam, from Germany

"Those people were amazing and this experience sums up the Kiwis quite well. Everyone is so nice to us. #KiaOraNZ" - Miriam (@wandersfrau)

Christchurch - Canterbury
Julia at Lake Tekapo, Christchurch - Canterbury

Julia and her daughter at Lake Tekapo.

Julia, from Australia

"I really like the people of New Zealand. They are some of the warmest, friendliest, most helpful and genuine that I've met from my world travels thus far. When they smile at you, it reaches their eyes. #KiaOraNZ" - Julia (@lostandfoundtraveller)

Martin Foru, from the Netherlands

"Tracing the roots of Haka has allowed me to meet a lot of different people from within the Māori world. I met these people as a stranger but they treated me like family. I’m so thankful to the people I’ve met for the manaakitanga" - Martin

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