Listing Preview

What is the Listing Preview function? 

You can now preview your Product Listing before it is published on The new Listing Preview function allows you to see how your text and images will look once displayed on the website, giving you the opportunity to make any adjustments, ensure your formatting is correct and perfect your message.  

Please note that as this is an initial release, there may be minor bugs or limitations. However, our team is actively working to improve and refine this feature based on user feedback. Your input is important to us as we continue to enhance and optimise our website for an exceptional user experience, please feel free to provide feedback by emailing 

How to use the Listing Preview function 

Step 1: Edit your product listing 

To edit your product listing, select the drop-down arrow on the listing you would like to edit then Manage listing. This is where you can update and change your listing details that display on 

Step 2: Click on the ‘Save & Preview’ Button 

Once you’re ready to preview your changes, click on the ‘Save & Preview’ button at the bottom of the edit listing page. 

Save & Preview

Step 3: Review your Product Listing

Important – some fields in the listing preview are ‘example’ fields only. This is to give you an idea of how different content blocks can be used to enhance your product listing. All example fields will be clearly labelled.

Listings Preview function 2

 Step 4: Click ‘Back to Content Editing’

Click the ‘Back to Content Editing’ button to make additional changes or to Save or Submit your listing for approval.