Activity Category Changes

We’ve made it easier for customers to find your activity products

We recently made changes to the way that we tag activity listings in the Tourism Business Database. This change went live on Thursday 20 October, and you might have noticed some differences in your account.  


What has changed? 

  • We've introduced a clearer system for selecting and displaying tags for Activity listings.
  • The number of tags you can select for an Activity listing has been reduced.
    You can now select up to 2 maximum (previously you could select up to 5)


Why have we made this change? 

This change will ensure your product shows on the most relevant pages, in front of the most engaged customers on, and is the start of a broader strategy to improve the customer experience.   


How can I review my new tags? 

You can review and amend the tags you have been assigned by logging into the Tourism Business Database, selecting alternative tags, and submitting your listing for re-approval. Alternatively, you can speak to us directly by emailing


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