Website Changes

Our website is going through changes. Find out below how these changes may affect you.

Sign in & Sign up

From 31 October 2018, we will be removing the Sign in and Sign up links from the main website. If you have a business listing you will still have access to your account via the Operator Database(opens in new window).


For now, you can still Add to your Wishlist using the heart icon, and access it via the Wishlist login link at the top of the page. But your list and the login feature will only be available for use until 31 October 2018.

If you would like to access the items on your wishlist after October, please email or print your wishlist before the closing date.


Articles are moving. After October 31 all account holders will need to login via the Operator Database(opens in new window) to manage user-generated articles.


Deals created by Tourism Operators will also move to the Operator Database (opens in new window)after October 31. This move means your account details, deals and articles will be accessible via a single login.

Event listings

The Event listings functionality is being removed. This means that from 31 October 2018, you will no longer be able to add events as part of your business listing. The site will continue to promote significant New Zealand events but these will be managed by Tourism New Zealand.

Explore Programme

If you are a travel agent or media that has been approved to be on the Explore Discount Programme, from the 31st October, you can access the deals from the following links:

Please then enter your unique ID number to access the deals.