A Rejuvenating Morning in The Coromandel

Coromandel Town is an excellent base for adventure. Great cafes, nature walks and The Waterworks also make it a wonderful place for a rejuvenating day.

Coromandel Town is an excellent base for adventure: you can explore the region’s rugged coast, walk some incredible trails or cross the peninsula on the legendary 309 Road, a winding unsealed road through gorgeous forest. But what if you crave a quiet morning to rejuvenate before embarking on all this adventure?

Nourishing breakfast in town
Coromandel’s downtown is a cozy collection of heritage buildings with the charm that comes from serving as an outpost for adventurers for more than a century. A steady stream of locals and visitors drop into Success Cafe each morning for excellent coffee and a hearty bite to eat. A glowing fire in the fireplace and an abundant display of paintings by local artists mean the cafe atmosphere stays warm and cozy all winter.

Inspiration at The Waterworks
It’s human nature: something about falling water makes us smile. The Waterworks takes this principle to a new level with an element of art, an element of science and an especially quirky sense of humor. 

Immersed in native bush and full of interactive water exhibits, the park is a dream for active kids. You can leap into a big swimming hole, sail through the air on flying foxes, learn a bit about how things work while spraying water through moving exhibits, or just run and play to your heart’s content with creative playground equipment.

But especially in the morning, The Waterworks can offer a surprisingly serene experience as well. Surrounded by lovely local flora and the sound of rushing water, you can discover beautiful sculptures among the trees, enjoy the ingenuity of the moving exhibits or take time to read the sometimes-thoughtful, sometimes-silly stories that accompany them.

When it’s time for a leisurely lunch, wander over to the covered dining patio with its chill music and great views of the bush. The cafe serves a tasty menu featuring produce grown on-site (and eggs from the chooks you see in one of the exhibits) plus the essential coffee and ice cream. You can also bring your own lunch to enjoy on the patio or use the BBQs located throughout the park. The cafe is open to the public, so you can drop by to have a bite to eat and get a sense of the park even if you don’t have time for a full visit.

Learn more and plan your day at The Waterworks at www.thecoromandel.com

Energizing stroll to waterfall and kauri
Just past The Waterworks on the 309 Road, you’ll find two very short walks where you can stroll along well-formed trails to see a beautiful waterfall and a grove of ancient kauri. Find details about the nature walks at www.thecoromandel.com

For more resources to help plan your perfect morning in The Coromandel, visit www.thecoromandel.com

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